Ways of Cheating on Homework

Homework is an essential part of learning for students in schools, and therefore students can’t evade them. The workload can get so huge that students can feel like not doing the assignments at all. Others decide to cheat, which, according to studies carried out validate this scenario as 42% of Harvard first-year students admitted to […]

Twenty Homework Benefits and Drawbacks

Homework always terrifies a vast majority of students and parents as well. The terror is such that students, parents, and experts have dividedly voiced their opinions on the subject. Some individuals feel that the demand homework places on students can get constructively used in other activities that strengthen the bond of the family.  So are […]

The Importance of Homework

Most students would agree that school assignments are time demanding and habitually random. A teacher’s main aim is to enable learners to prosper both intellectually and in life. Some people feel homework has no meaning and that schools should do away with it. While there might be some truth to this, school assignments are still […]