Twenty Homework Benefits and Drawbacks

Homework always terrifies a vast majority of students and parents as well. The terror is such that students, parents, and experts have dividedly voiced their opinions on the subject. Some individuals feel that the demand homework places on students can get constructively used in other activities that strengthen the bond of the family. 

So are take-home assignments vital? Are they necessary? Is the extra stress that comes with homework more harmful than the benefits it gives? Here are the key benefits and drawbacks of homework.

Homework Benefits

  • Homework encourages practice

Repeating tasks over several times can lull and get so tough, but through the repetition comes reinforcement of discipline as a practice. Every round of repeating tasks makes you better in that task and as such, very vital in breaking down complicated subjects.

  • It involves parents in their child’s academic life

Homework offers a perfect opportunity to get engaged and see what kids learn in school.  

  • Assignments teach and reinforce skills on time management

Homework forces students to develop skills in time management as it goes just beyond finishing the assignment.  

  • Assignments create a network of communication by bridging communication lines between the parent, teacher, and school.   
  • Homework allows students to study and do their tasks in a more comfortable spot than their classrooms which can lead to a better retention rate for concepts learned. 
  • Homework offers students more time to finish the process of learning as time allocated to every class often is limited. 
  • Assignments also reduce the time a student spends in front of a screen as they have to have an ideal environment to carry out their homework effectively.   
  • Homework can get treated as other activities of extracurricular nature, especially considering the number of times families spend on sports and related activities. 

Homework Drawbacks

  • Lack of enough time for kids to rejuvenate, which can counter the productivity homework should bestow students.
  • Homework can encourage students to have a stationary type of lifestyle by spending too much time sitting, which can, in turn, lead to premature death or obesity.
  • Some homes have a negative homework environment which can frustrate a kid, especially when their output is low while their peers with better backgrounds overachieve.
  • School already is enough for children, and more academic work in the form of homework is overburdening them. 
  • No evidence exists in support of homework as an enabler for better performance in schools by students. 
  • Homework discourages creativity among kids as kids spend time on assignments instead of doing activities they naturally like and is essential in their lives. 
  • It is also very challenging to enforce homework, especially for students who refuse to do homework.  
  • Extra time doing homework doesn’t always result in better performance or grades.
  • The guarantee of accurate practice doesn’t exist as students can practice on concepts not adequately understood, which can prove futile in the long run.
  • Homework can encourage students to cheat on various levels, especially if they don’t want to work on their assignments.
  • Homework has encouraged overburdening of students by teachers who assign too much workload in the name of assignments which kids can hardly finish leading to stress.
  • Homework should enhance the test scores in schools, though, in most instances, students stop absorbing concepts when they get tired in as much as the test scores can improve. 


The benefits and drawbacks of homework are essential in helping teachers and parents in finding a middle ground, especially in cases where they don’t agree concerning homework for their kids. If kids suffer from homework overburden, they should know there is a way out of stress! Skilled professionals at are always ready to help, no matter how difficult the subjects are.

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