What To Do If You’ve Run Out Of Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

“My aunt died this weekend so I wasn’t able to work on my essay”

“I ran out of paper so I couldn’t submit that history review this week”

“I had a cold; I couldn’t even get out of my bed, let alone do my math homework”

If you haven’t used these excuses to get out of a situation of a “homework not done on time”, you’re certainly not doing things the right way. Everybody at some point becomes a victim to “lazy homework excuses”. It’s how we all get through the high school. Unfortunately a few students take the habit of excusing themselves every single time an assignment is due. Such kids often find themselves in a situation where they run out of reasons and some of them actually resort to “doing their homework”, while others just continue procrastinating.

Project Rescue

If you’re running out of solid, good and convincing excuses for not being able to do your homework, you’re in for a treat because I’ve got just what you need.

  1. First of all you need to lay low on the excuses. If you’ve become a habitual excuser there is no solution to your problem because now you’re only hurting yourself. Its okay not to do homework every once in a while as long as you keep the frequency low. Contact DoMyHomeworkNow to solve all your problems faster.
  2. As the world is progressing, teachers have also become acquainted to your silly, old tricks and they might need some real convincing now. One way is to do as much of the homework before going to the class. If the teacher sees you’ve put in some effort and were willing to try, you might just get lucky to be excused. Do not go to the battlefield unarmed.
  3. Use your moral judgment to decide if it’s worth lying about your homework. If the assignment is short and easy there is no need to go through the hassle of lying because if you do get caught it might affect your integrity and even get you a zero.
  4. If you’ve resorted to lying about it, make sure to cover up your tracks. Make sure whatever lies you tell, add up to some fake reality because you do not want to get caught.
  5. Do not make the mistake of publicizing it in your school/college that you didn’t do your homework on purpose. Your peers may get sneaky and team up against you.

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