Ways of Cheating on Homework

Homework is an essential part of learning for students in schools, and therefore students can’t evade them. The workload can get so huge that students can feel like not doing the assignments at all. Others decide to cheat, which, according to studies carried out validate this scenario as 42% of Harvard first-year students admitted to having cheated on their assignments.  So instead of stupidly copying your colleague’s work, is it possible to adopt better and smarter ways of cheating?

Methods of Cheatings on Your Assignments

Three main areas constitute the bulk of tasks issued as homework, and these include essays, mathematics, and reading assignments. Diverse ways of smartly cheating your way through these tasks exist. If you feel overwhelmed about the homework workload that must do, consider the following to help you smartly cheat your way.   

  • Method One: Copying answers from your friend

You can copy the math answers from your friend whom you are sure is talented in the subject. Build friendships with smart classmates who can accurately do the assignments though you need to assist them as well in coming up with answers. Remember to paraphrase the solutions to avoid detection.

  • Method Two: Working as a group

It is a quick and easy way to get the right answers to questions on a specific assignment. Form or join a group where you can each contribute in coming up with correct answers though in a discreet setting. You can split the questions so that you proceed faster by tackling different questions. After compiling your answer sheet, edit to personalize it to avoid your instructor getting suspicious.

  • Method Three: Change your answer’s wording

It can be catastrophic to have identical answers with the person you copied your assignment from. So for avoidance, restructure your answers so that they stand unique, especially the word use. It can even be better to copy answers from someone the instructor won’t suspect as your friend.

  • Method Four: Answers for google

Answers for specific common questions tend to float on the internet, which can be an excellent source of answers to your assignment’s questions.

  • Method Five: Deliberately get some of the answers wrong

You need to be creative and smart in throwing off your instructor in suspecting anything suspicious. The teacher can suspect you of cheating if you suddenly score perfect grades yet you have consistently scored poorly or averagely before. However, in choosing to wrong some of the questions, ensure the number is low for better grades.

  • Method Six: Learning the cheating consequences

It’s important to deliberate on the consequences you will likely face when your teacher discovers the truth. Perceive this not only on a personal level but also for the friend who did the heavy lifting in doing the assignment and who will get equal punishment because of your decision.You can decide to do the homework instead of copying as it will take roughly the same amount of time in finding the right answers, copying, and obscuring the answers for uniqueness.

  • Method Seven: Contemplate engaging tutoring help

You can get finance homework help from tutors after school for the assignments and prevent getting in trouble for cheating as this is a legitimate way of going about homework.


If you must cheat, please do so in smart ways that will help you understand concepts besides preventing you from getting in trouble.

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