Ways of Cheating on Homework

Homework is an essential part of learning for students in schools, and therefore students can’t evade them. The workload can get so huge that students can feel like not doing the assignments at all. Others decide to cheat, which, according to studies carried out validate this scenario as 42% of Harvard first-year students admitted to having cheated on their assignments.  So instead of stupidly copying your colleague’s work, is it possible to adopt better and smarter ways of cheating?

Methods of Cheatings on Your Assignments

Three main areas constitute the bulk of tasks issued as homework, and these include essays, mathematics, and reading assignments. Diverse ways of smartly cheating your way through these tasks exist. If you feel overwhelmed about the homework workload that must do, consider the following to help you smartly cheat your way.   

  • Method One: Copying answers from your friend

You can copy the math answers from your friend whom you are sure is talented in the subject. Build friendships with smart classmates who can accurately do the assignments though you need to assist them as well in coming up with answers. Remember to paraphrase the solutions to avoid detection.

  • Method Two: Working as a group

It is a quick and easy way to get the right answers to questions on a specific assignment. Form or join a group where you can each contribute in coming up with correct answers though in a discreet setting. You can split the questions so that you proceed faster by tackling different questions. After compiling your answer sheet, edit to personalize it to avoid your instructor getting suspicious.

  • Method Three: Change your answer’s wording

It can be catastrophic to have identical answers with the person you copied your assignment from. So for avoidance, restructure your answers so that they stand unique, especially the word use. It can even be better to copy answers from someone the instructor won’t suspect as your friend.

  • Method Four: Answers for google

Answers for specific common questions tend to float on the internet, which can be an excellent source of answers to your assignment’s questions.

  • Method Five: Deliberately get some of the answers wrong

You need to be creative and smart in throwing off your instructor in suspecting anything suspicious. The teacher can suspect you of cheating if you suddenly score perfect grades yet you have consistently scored poorly or averagely before. However, in choosing to wrong some of the questions, ensure the number is low for better grades.

  • Method Six: Learning the cheating consequences

It’s important to deliberate on the consequences you will likely face when your teacher discovers the truth. Perceive this not only on a personal level but also for the friend who did the heavy lifting in doing the assignment and who will get equal punishment because of your decision.You can decide to do the homework instead of copying as it will take roughly the same amount of time in finding the right answers, copying, and obscuring the answers for uniqueness.

  • Method Seven: Contemplate engaging tutoring help

You can get finance homework help from tutors after school for the assignments and prevent getting in trouble for cheating as this is a legitimate way of going about homework.


If you must cheat, please do so in smart ways that will help you understand concepts besides preventing you from getting in trouble.

Twenty Homework Benefits and Drawbacks

Homework always terrifies a vast majority of students and parents as well. The terror is such that students, parents, and experts have dividedly voiced their opinions on the subject. Some individuals feel that the demand homework places on students can get constructively used in other activities that strengthen the bond of the family. 

So are take-home assignments vital? Are they necessary? Is the extra stress that comes with homework more harmful than the benefits it gives? Here are the key benefits and drawbacks of homework.

Homework Benefits

  • Homework encourages practice

Repeating tasks over several times can lull and get so tough, but through the repetition comes reinforcement of discipline as a practice. Every round of repeating tasks makes you better in that task and as such, very vital in breaking down complicated subjects.

  • It involves parents in their child’s academic life

Homework offers a perfect opportunity to get engaged and see what kids learn in school.  

  • Assignments teach and reinforce skills on time management

Homework forces students to develop skills in time management as it goes just beyond finishing the assignment.  

  • Assignments create a network of communication by bridging communication lines between the parent, teacher, and school.   
  • Homework allows students to study and do their tasks in a more comfortable spot than their classrooms which can lead to a better retention rate for concepts learned. 
  • Homework offers students more time to finish the process of learning as time allocated to every class often is limited. 
  • Assignments also reduce the time a student spends in front of a screen as they have to have an ideal environment to carry out their homework effectively.   
  • Homework can get treated as other activities of extracurricular nature, especially considering the number of times families spend on sports and related activities. 

Homework Drawbacks

  • Lack of enough time for kids to rejuvenate, which can counter the productivity homework should bestow students.
  • Homework can encourage students to have a stationary type of lifestyle by spending too much time sitting, which can, in turn, lead to premature death or obesity.
  • Some homes have a negative homework environment which can frustrate a kid, especially when their output is low while their peers with better backgrounds overachieve.
  • School already is enough for children, and more academic work in the form of homework is overburdening them. 
  • No evidence exists in support of homework as an enabler for better performance in schools by students. 
  • Homework discourages creativity among kids as kids spend time on assignments instead of doing activities they naturally like and is essential in their lives. 
  • It is also very challenging to enforce homework, especially for students who refuse to do homework.  
  • Extra time doing homework doesn’t always result in better performance or grades.
  • The guarantee of accurate practice doesn’t exist as students can practice on concepts not adequately understood, which can prove futile in the long run.
  • Homework can encourage students to cheat on various levels, especially if they don’t want to work on their assignments.
  • Homework has encouraged overburdening of students by teachers who assign too much workload in the name of assignments which kids can hardly finish leading to stress.
  • Homework should enhance the test scores in schools, though, in most instances, students stop absorbing concepts when they get tired in as much as the test scores can improve. 


The benefits and drawbacks of homework are essential in helping teachers and parents in finding a middle ground, especially in cases where they don’t agree concerning homework for their kids. If kids suffer from homework overburden, they should know there is a way out of stress! Skilled professionals at domyhomework123.com are always ready to help, no matter how difficult the subjects are.

The Importance of Homework

Most students would agree that school assignments are time demanding and habitually random. A teacher’s main aim is to enable learners to prosper both intellectually and in life. Some people feel homework has no meaning and that schools should do away with it. While there might be some truth to this, school assignments are still vital.

Traditionally, education has become test-driven. You are likely to find what the tutor gives as homework in your exam. This way of reasoning is okay for several reasons:

  • Assignments prepare scholars for future class topics
  • It strengthens the concepts and skills acquired in class
  • Learners learn to work without supervision
  • Assignments help children connect real life to what they study in school
  • Parents can gauge their child’s development in school
  • Students learn to take responsibility and initiative to complete their projects

Still, school projects should not be repetitive. They need to be expressive and diverse. Teachers can use photos to help their students with writing. They can also use math games to help them with problem-solving. Tutors should encourage students to read every night to develop their articulacy.

Assignments create a chance for children to work together with their parents. Tutors need to assign homework that will engage both parents and students. Such projects are a perfect way for teachers to learn more about their pupil’s families.

Studies say that the involvement of parents in their child’s education is vital to a child’s success in school. There are two examples of assignments that involve both the child and the parent.

  • Baby Name Assignment

In this project, parents have the opportunity to share the geneses of their children’s names. Parents also get a chance to let their children know more about their day of birth. Tutors need to send a prompt to parents to explain the task requirements. The learners can complement the project with baby photos to make it exciting.

  • Family Page Assignment

For this task, parents need to adorn a broadsheet with interesting family facts. The instructor sends a project note to parents that include the task instructions. The letter also includes interesting ideas that parents can adopt when doing the assignment. Even so, parents may take on any approach they wish. The idea is for them to get creative.

As a teacher, it is incredible what one can learn from these assignments. You get to learn more about your student’s backgrounds as well as their family. Allow your students to present their projects in class. The information the teacher gets is profound. And sometimes very hilarious.

Tutors can make the assignments more exciting by sharing their projects and with their students. It is a fun way for your pupils to know you better.

These methods may not be effective in your class. In that case, you may search online for great ideas that can help. You might need to buy some of the guides. But there are available resources if teachers cannot afford to procure guides. You may look into local teacher endowments.

Final Thoughts

Homework is crucial and necessary. It helps students to connect with family and classmates. It also assists pupils to reflect on their life, that of their family, and friends. What students get from their teachers will define what their academic limits are. When tutors assign tasks, they need to evaluate what they think is vital; quality or quantity.

Where To Look For The Best 24 Hour Free Live Homework Help

How the internet has made 24 hour help possible

Once upon a time, if you were stuck on your homework, then there was very little that you could do a less you had a very kind and considerate friend who was willing to help you. These days, you don’t have to impose on your friendship with other people; instead, the Internet has made 24-hour help possible.

When you want to quickly and easily find someone in your own country to help with the work, or you are happy to look for a native English speaker anywhere else in the world, then you can do so at any time, night or day.

Live forums, chat sites and Q & A sites

If you’re struggling with your homework these days, then you can visit a number of websites on the Internet to find assistance. One of these ways is to look for live forums connected with the subject that you are struggling with. Excellent homework solutions found only at Weekly Essay. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to be struggling with it, as some people choose to use writing websites to get the work done, simply because they are too lazy to do it themselves.

Just as with forums, Q & A sites enable you to post a question online which anyone in the world can see. As a result, it is possible to get the help of a huge number of people for a wide variety of questions. Alternatively, you can log into chat sites; whilst most chat sites are dedicated to a variety of other reasons, it is possible to find some that are set up to help people with their homework.

Alternatives, such as writing services with professional writers

Whilst some of the suggestions above can be useful, there is no guarantee that they’ll always be successful. Sometimes you get the wrong answers, or no one bothers to answer your questions.

As an alternative to free live help, it is possible to pay for some of the very best homework help, which can often be accessed 24-hour day in the form of professional writing teams. Often, these writing teams will have highly qualified writers located in countries all around the world. Many of them will have advanced degrees and will be highly knowledgeable in a range of different subjects.

Generally, you can get in touch with these services on the phone or by email, with the option to have essays and homework answers written as a matter of urgency – sometimes within 24 hours.

Dealing With Financial Management Homework Quickly

Homework is likely to take all your time leaving you with none for socialization and relaxation. This will make you miss on major events and also always be burdened with school work. You will lose years and miss important events while holed up in the library. Experts have provided tips on how to reduce the time taken to complete the work. Here are some of the tips.

  1. Start Early
  2. Begin working on your assignment immediately it is given. This gives you a head start and allows you to work without hurry. In case you need finance homework help, you will not be under pressure to get it because of a fast approaching deadline. It also gives you a chance to consult more resources and books, giving you a broader understanding of the issues you are studying. Further, when you are not under pressure from time, you can spend less time studying yet still complete the work within the time stipulated.

  3. Break it Down
  4. While you can sit through an assignment until it is completed, dividing it into portions will make it easier to complete. If there are ten questions, you might design two sessions where you will handle five each. This ensures that you are not under pressure all the time. Before you realize it, half the assignment will have been completed. This relieves the pressure to complete the work and allows you to study with ease.

  5. A Good Environment
  6. Identify a good environment to do homework. This should be a desk where you are not distracted by music, television or other noises. The environment should be as quiet as the library yet with the necessary resources. Ensure that the environment is quiet, well lit and adequately aerated. It should be comfortable to enable you work for long hours without fatigue. It must also accommodate your materials like books, calculators and other apparatus. If you need internet, ensure that it is accessible.

  7. Gather All Materials
  8. Identify all the materials you need for the assignment and collect them before commencing on the work. A lot of time is lost as you fetch books, journals, calculators and other resources in the middle of an assignment. However, when you collect them before beginning the assignment, you will concentrate until you finish the work. This enables you to produce insightful answers that will boost your grade.

  9. Get Help
  10. Get finance homework help online instead of wasting time trying to work on an assignment you are not breaking through. Ensure that assistance comes from professionals. These professionals are experienced and understand the rules of different tasks. They will, therefore, enable you to produce a captivating paper. You will have to pay for some of the help you get while other forms of assistance are obtained free of charge.

  11. Review Your Notes
  12. It is natural for assignments to be drawn from areas that you have covered or are about to cover. After all, these assignments are not supposed to be punishments but part of your learning process. By reviewing the topics you have already covered, you will find answers or directions on how to complete the assignment. It is also advisable to use other materials apart from what was used in class. This gives you a different perspective that could be easier to understand. However, ensure that the materials are approved for use in class.

Some of the difficulties with school work come from failure to understand the topic under discussion. Consult your teacher before embarking on the work to seek clarification on areas that you might be experiencing difficulty. Whenever you get help, it must be quality help to avoid compromising your performance.

Where To Go Looking For Correct Microeconomics Homework Answers

Microeconomics is sometimes very challenging such that you require assistance. Unfortunately, the help available in some quarters is not very reliable. If the answers provided are incorrect, your performance will be compromised. This is likely to extend and lead to diminished career prospects. Whenever you get economics homework help ensure that the answers obtained are correct. Where then do you have an assurance of getting correct answers?

  1. Your Teacher
  2. This should be your first source of help whenever you face difficulty with your school work. Though the task was issued by the teacher, he or she understands the level of difficulty. He or she will, therefore, guide you on how to tackle the homework effectively.

    Some of the help you get from your teacher includes guidance on where to obtain credible answers. The teacher also guides you on reference materials to use, especially the materials that are approved for your course. Through the guidance of your teacher, you will understand instructions that could be hindering your execution of the assignment.

    The advantage of seeking homework help from your teacher is that he has no commercial interest. Further, the teacher has an obligation to provide guidance. This means that guidance will be provided without charges and ensure that it meets the highest quality standards required in school. The teacher is always in school and ready to provide guidance whenever the need arises.

  3. Listed Reference Materials
  4. Refer to the books and other materials listed in your course outline. These materials have been approved and therefore guarantee quality answers. The teacher does not use all the books and materials in class. It is likely that the example that was used is difficult for you to understand. The language used in one book or material is challenging for you. An example or approach from another book will prove easier.

  5. Own Notes
  6. Assignments always come from your course work. This means that you have already covered the area or are about to cover it. Review your notes to see the examples given. Follow the examples to complete the other exercises. This is a guarantee that you will be following the model that was taught in class to complete the current microeconomics homework. In case there is a deviation, your teacher will make corrections or explain the differences.

  7. Seniors
  8. Seniors provide help whenever you are stuck with your assignment. They have gone through the same topics you are tackling today. They therefore understand your difficulty. Seniors take the advantage to remember what they learned and also revise for final examinations. Since they are in school all the time, they will provide the assistance you need with your assignment.

  9. Classmates
  10. There are students in your class who seem to have an easy time with the topic or subject that is troubling you. Discuss your area of difficulty with them before you seek help elsewhere. Use the time you have in class or the hours before class and even after classes in the evening to discuss the areas of concern.

  11. Online
  12. There are online writers who are ready to help with assignments in different fields. All you need is to ask can you do my homework and for how much? You will get an estimate based on the amount of work, topic and how soon you want the work back. This will boost your performance since the writers are usually experienced professionals. You can ask professional writers for advice.

The quality of assistance you get will determine your performance. If the helper is not qualified, you risk getting wrong answers that will cause you to fail. When seeking help online, you must be ready to pay the experienced helpers to deliver top quality answers.

What To Do If You’ve Run Out Of Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

“My aunt died this weekend so I wasn’t able to work on my essay”

“I ran out of paper so I couldn’t submit that history review this week”

“I had a cold; I couldn’t even get out of my bed, let alone do my math homework”

If you haven’t used these excuses to get out of a situation of a “homework not done on time”, you’re certainly not doing things the right way. Everybody at some point becomes a victim to “lazy homework excuses”. It’s how we all get through the high school. Unfortunately a few students take the habit of excusing themselves every single time an assignment is due. Such kids often find themselves in a situation where they run out of reasons and some of them actually resort to “doing their homework”, while others just continue procrastinating.

Project Rescue

If you’re running out of solid, good and convincing excuses for not being able to do your homework, you’re in for a treat because I’ve got just what you need.

  1. First of all you need to lay low on the excuses. If you’ve become a habitual excuser there is no solution to your problem because now you’re only hurting yourself. Its okay not to do homework every once in a while as long as you keep the frequency low. Contact DoMyHomeworkNow to solve all your problems faster.
  2. As the world is progressing, teachers have also become acquainted to your silly, old tricks and they might need some real convincing now. One way is to do as much of the homework before going to the class. If the teacher sees you’ve put in some effort and were willing to try, you might just get lucky to be excused. Do not go to the battlefield unarmed.
  3. Use your moral judgment to decide if it’s worth lying about your homework. If the assignment is short and easy there is no need to go through the hassle of lying because if you do get caught it might affect your integrity and even get you a zero.
  4. If you’ve resorted to lying about it, make sure to cover up your tracks. Make sure whatever lies you tell, add up to some fake reality because you do not want to get caught.
  5. Do not make the mistake of publicizing it in your school/college that you didn’t do your homework on purpose. Your peers may get sneaky and team up against you.

How To Cope With Problems That Homework Causes: Tips For High School Students

High school is a time when students usually have a lot of homework. The number of assignments is so huge that students suffer from stress. It leads to the problems with relatives and people around. Various stress factors can cause health problems.

“Are there any effective means of solving homework problems?” – Many students ask this question. Just try to follow these guidelines and you will be able to forget about your problems.

  • Engage in planning.
  • The creation of a plan can be a great time saver. You can write a step-by-step instruction for doing the assignments. Having a list of everything that must be done, helps to concentrate entirely on the process of work.

  • Do the most important assignments first.
  • Prioritize your assignments. Do the tasks with the earliest deadline first. You’ll easily manage to avoid the piling up of the tasks. Some students have a clear vision of their future, so they spare more time on the subjects that have something in common with their professions in perspective. However, it’s always better to study all the subjects as there are no worthless ones.

  • Don’t waste your time on social networks while working.
  • Reading your friends’ posts, of course, is interesting, but you won’t even notice how fast the time would escape from you. Some seconds spent in the social networks can transform into hours and you’ll find yourself without any accomplished task.

  • Find positive features in doing your homework.
  • Try to pretend that your home assignment is some sort of a game. If you are doing something interesting to you, the whole working process will turn into pleasure. Moreover, try to find connection of your new tasks with previous ones to make the work easier.

  • Try to be positive.
  • A positive attitude can greatly reduce the stress level. In addition, if you start loving your work at school, you’ll see that it slowly becomes easier. Only negative emotions can prevent you from doing your homework. Get rid of them and start working!

  • Stay organized all the time.
  • Staying organized can seem rather hard at the very beginning. Strong concentration will really help you while working on your tasks. Systematization of all your school materials will make it easier to cope with essays, exercises, projects and other tasks.

  • Don’t try to do all the work at the last moment.
  • The work that is usually done at the last moment is of low quality and with a huge amount of mistakes. Try to divide the work into small portions and do it as early as possible. Don’t forget taking short brakes after every hour of work and getting help of the homework writer online.

Is Homework Helpful Or Harmful To Students?

Homework is a controversial subject in schools and in homes. As students of young ages are often given homework assignments on a nightly basis, they do not have time to have fun and be kids. Then, as students enter high school, they are often overwhelmed with homework, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and commitments at home. So, when you are looking for homework help, fortunately, there are plenty of places to turn.
Does homework cause stress? Students, parents, and teachers tend to agree that it does, but teachers still continue to assign it. When teachers assignment literature, math, chemistry, business, and physics homework all in one night, students do get stressed out. Instead of worrying about getting it all done, parents and students can use a homework service.

When it is acceptable to hire a homework assistant?

Getting assistance, sociology assignment help, for example, does not mean that students will not learn. Students have plenty of opportunities to learn while they are in the classroom or while they are studying online. Students learn in a variety of ways – like watching videos, reading, or playing games. By finding someone to do homework for your student, you are simply removing a source of stress, not taking away a learning opportunity. By hiring someone to do the assignments, parents and students can pick the assignments that are beneficial to their learning and give the rest to the tutor to complete. Students and their parents can manage their tasks with a homework planner, so everyone knows exactly what needs to be completed by their deadlines.
It used to be difficult to find someone to answer the call to do my homework online, but this is no longer the case. With the plethora of online elementary, secondary, and postsecondary schools, tutors are available to help with all forms of online work. Usually, online homework helpers just need a username, password, and list of work to complete. Once they have access to your course, they can get your assignments finished and your instructor will not know. They can upload essays, finish math problems, and add to discussions.

The movement to abolish homework

Most students and parents may not be aware that there is a growing movement to abolish homework, especially for younger students. Some teachers are taking it upon themselves to only give students assignments to complete in class, while others are flipping their classrooms. Depending on the type of class, some teachers are recording their lessons and placing them online. Students can watch the lessons at home or elsewhere. Then, when they get to class, they work on assignments. Because the lessons are recorded, students can access them at anytime. Parents can also watch the video lessons and help their children if the need arises.
The only issue with video lessons is that students do need time to watch them and that time often needs to come from home. But, since these do not involve any more work than just watching, listening, and paying attention, students can do it without any support. And, since so many schools provide their students with their own laptop or tablet computers, students have all the tools they need.
There is another movement growing to abolish all homework, even watching recorded lessons. This movement has grown out of the frustration of teachers assignment homework and students not completing it. So, instead of continuing to fight a losing battle, teachers have decided that it is better to teach short lessons and provide time to complete work in class. The only problem with this is that students do not get to cover as much material that they normally would if they actually did their homework. However, if students need more time to complete work, they can take it home with them and finish it. But, teachers often find that students fail to do this, too.

When is homework helpful?

In the world of learning, repetition is one of the keys to success. For example, in a math class, when students are trying to learn a skill, they are more likely to remember it if they do it over and over again. The brain develops a pathway that helps it remember how to do the task. But, if students do not repeat these tasks, then they are more likely to forget or not understand. Homework offers students the opportunity to build pathways in their brains to understand tasks and learn skills. By not doing homework, they miss out.
So, while people complain about how homework is stressful and students get too much, this is not always the case. Learning is an important part of youth and homework can help develop skills that students can use later in life. The key is to offer balance and assignments that students can do. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with hiring someone to complete the assignments that do create stress for students.